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Aeration Systems and Fountains

Microorganisms, plants, fish and other animals in your pond, lake, marina or canal need oxygen to live, and nature may not be providing enough to keep everything healthy and in balance. Dissolved oxygen is the most critical indicator of a lake’s health and water quality.

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Dissolved oxygen levels are dependent on the physical, chemical and biochemical activities prevailing in the water body. Oxygen is naturally added to aquatic ecosystems by aquatic plants and algae through the process of photosynthesis, and by diffusion at the water’s surface and atmosphere interface. Animal, plant and bacteria respiration deplete oxygen.

When oxygen is used up too quickly in the water, problems can occur:

  • Oxidation of organic waste slows down, increasing bottom muck.
  • Anaerobic bacteria break down organic materials, creating toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulfide.
  • Nutrients build up, increasing the growth of algae. Many of the worst algae species, including the 'toxic' ones, prefer high pH still-water habitats.
  • Fish cannot breathe, resulting in stress and possible mass fish kills.
  • The water becomes stratified with temperature differences between the top and bottom levels, further reducing oxygen at the lower levels.

Our leading product line of advanced diffused aeration systems for lakes, ponds, canals and marinas have been shown in independent testing to aid in pond and lake restoration by adding oxygen to the water at all depths. Lake aeration is a better choice for the environment, as it reduces the need for chemicals to combat problems caused by low oxygen.

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