12 Volt 7 a/h Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Deer Feeder Battery

12V 7 amp/hr sealed lead acid rechargeable battery with F1 “quick connect” terminals

Length:  5.94″
Width:  2.56″
Height:  3.68″
Height to top of terminals:  3.91″
Weight:  5.47 lbs

SLA batteries can be discharged in in any position due to their valve regulated design. They require no special handling when shipping. These batteries provide reliable power output in a variety of applications, due to their advanced plate and separator materials and precise electrolyte delivery. This results in greater efficiency and improved ability to recover from deep discharge.

Features of All Our Sealed Lead Acid Battery Product Lines

  • When used in safe surroundings it is maintenance free.  Adding water is not needed; it can be recycled repeatedly.
  • With isolated seal, it is not limited to direction or position. It can be put in horizontally, vertically and sideways.  Its safety and functions will not be affected.
  • Lead calcium alloy, as well as automatic processes, ensure dangerous gas will not be generated.
  • Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability
  • It has low resistance so recharge is easy and energy output is improved.
  • Cycle or standby (or float) use
  • High-rate discharge construction
  • Deep discharge recoverability
  • Batteries are strictly tested
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • UL recognized components under UL 924 Powercell file number MH29008
  • Complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67 for air transport
  • Classified per MG Amendment 27 as a non-hazardous material for water transport
  • Recognized by DOT as “Dry charge” 49 CFR 171-189 for surface transport

Replaces the following batteries:

  • Universal (UPG) UB1280 and UB1270
  • Power-Sonic PS-1270
  • Yuasa EnerSys YUA NP712FR
  • MK Battery ES7-12
  • Interstate Power Patrol SEC1075
  • Empire Scientific SLA7-12
  • Amstron AP-1270
  • PBQ 7-12VdS
  • B&B PM1270
  • Zeus PC 7-12


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