50 Pound Tailgate/Road Feeder 1050TG

This 50 pound capacity metal road feeder is simple, reliable, and cost effective.  The base model comes with a wired remote switch (powered from the lighter plug) and hanging brackets that allow you to hang it from a tailgate or rear rack on an ATV/UTV. There is a manual feed cut-off slide gate that keeps feed from dribbling out when not in use.

Optional upgrades:

  • The-Eliminator Lower Unit Model: The-Eliminator is spring-loaded and stays closed when the feeder isn’t dispensing.  You don’t have to get out of your vehicle to close a manual cut-off slide gate. See additional listings for this option.
  • 2″ Receiver Bar Mount:  Attach this receiver mount to your feeder and simply slide the unit into your vehicle’s hitch mount.  Includes a bumper/base so you can put it on the ground without damage to the motor.  A “Z” riser bar may be necessary for some UTV/ATV for ground clearance. See additional listings for these options.


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