All Seasons Little Chingon – 5×5 Insulated Blind w/ 5ft Tower

All Seasons Little Chingon Insulated Blind has inside dimensions of 60″ x 60″ and 6.5 foot walls. The blind is 6 foot tall and weighs approximately 400 pounds without the stand.


All Seasons Little Chingon 5×5 Blind Features:

  • (3) 36″ grey glass tinted windows with magnetic closure
  • 2″ of sealed foam insulation
  • 8 feet of padded shelving
  • Aluminum extrusion reinforcements
  • Padded floor
  • Exterior rain shields
  • Dual built-in air vents to help control the temperature
  • Insect and rodent proof construction
  • Custom padded gunrest included
  • Polyurea coated inside and outside for extreme durability


5 foot Stand Features:

  • 5 foot stand and ladder with handrail
  • Square tubing construction
  • Diamond plate platform and steps


Weight of blind and 5 foot tower is approximately 675 pounds.





Set Up Instructions for Little Chingon with 5 foot tower