Directional Feeder Conversion

The Directional Feeder Conversion is perfect for any hunter that is looking for a way to feed in a specific direction. The directional feeder conversion can be used on a standard control box to convert your broadcast feeder to a directional feeder for corn or fish food. The feeder conversion fits snuggly on the top of a standard 12 volt control box. Adding the feeder conversion to your standard control box allows for feeding in a specific area/direction (i.e. feeding down an alley where one might be seeking animals to be for their line of sight). Please note that a THE-ELMINATOR (Round) is required for this unit to work properly.

The unit has adjustable gates that can be easily manipulated to point in the direction the user desires for broadcasting feed. The adjustable gates have the ability to have a wider or narrower broadcast based on user’s intended desire.


NOTE: A complete standard 12-volt control box and THE-ELIMINATOR (Round) spinner plate sold separately. Items NOT included in the purchase of the directional feeder conversion.


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