Double Down Protein Feed

Double Down® Deer Feeds Original Custom Blend was originally formulated for the Holden Pasture Deer Lease, with zero intentions to take it to the market. Double Down® Original Custom Blend was formulated with the highest quality ingredients, ZERO least cost rations, and ZERO grain by-products. It has almost 1000 lbs. of raw shelled peanuts, cottonseed meal and mineral pack per ton. In addition, it has quality yeast culture to help aid in digestion and a healthy rumen. And also contains one of the highest pelletized TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) levels on the deer feed market today! Double Down® Deer Feed was developed with proven attractants to draw deer in and boost overall consumption. With that … Not only are your deer likely to eat more, but they will get more out of what they eat.


Product Key Features:

  • Custom Components Are The Cornerstone Of Double Down® Deer Feed, There Is More Than Just A Tag On A Bag.
  • Contains ZERO Least Cost Rations AND ZERO Grain By-Products!
  • Includes A Quality Yeast Culture To Aid In Digestion And Support  A Healthy Rumen.
  • Double Down® Contains One Of The Highest Pelletized TDN  (Total Digestible Nutrients) Levels On The Deer Feed Market Today!
  • Double Down® Was Developed With Proven Attractants To Draw Deer In And Boost Overall Consumption.


Available in 50# bags


Purchase for $19.00 in store only.