Family Traditions HD/HO Lock On Tree Stand

  •  The HD/HO Lock-On Tree Stand from Family Traditions provides the hunter with a huge standing platform, and the seat is just plain comfortable.
  •    The HD Seat height is 20 inches above the platform.
  •    Premium quality, nylon webbed seat measures 22” wide by 13.25” deep.
  •    A heavy duty T-handle screw is provided to hold the HD/HO Stand in place while you secure it to the tree with two ratchet straps…with both your hands!
  •    Two 800 lb. working load ratchets are provided to secure the HD/HO Stand to the tree.
  •    The HD/HO Standing Platform measures 25” wide by 31” deep.
  •    A large footrest is welded to the standing platform.
  •    Two 1,900 lb. tensile strength rubber-sleeved chains are used to support Standing Platform.  Compare this design to the cheap-looking cables included in most lock-on style stands.
  •    20′ of rope to haul the stand up to T-Handle.
  •    Product weight, as shipped – 19 lbs.
  •    Maximum Hunter Weight  – 300 lbs.


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