Lake and Pond Consultation

Lake and Pond Consultations – CALL TODAY to discuss with our on-site Fisheries Biologist.


If you have a pond or lake on your property it can be beneficial to have a consultation with our on-site fisheries biologist for your aquatic needs. It all starts with a lake analysis. Before the start of the lake analysis, our biologist will discuss the needs of your pond or lake. During his analysis, he will be able to uncover the specific needs to the area, especially in relation to the biological makeup of animal, plant life, along with the overall physical makeup of the lake or pond. Our expert biologist will put together a detailed report to present to you and go over the specifics of what is needed for maintenance and care of your pond or lake.


During your consultation, we will want to know what your goals are for your pond or lake. For example, do you want that colorful fountain that is pleasing to the eye; do you want to have a lake that is ready for fishing for your family and friends, and so forth. We are here to assist you in reaching your pond/lake goals. In addition to equipment and supplies for your pond or lake, our services range from aquatic vegetation control to electro-fishing surveys. Contact us today at 832-457-7143 or come in to speak with our on-site fisheries biologist for all your aquatic needs.


You may also reach our fisheries biologist by email at