Shark Teeth Varmint Protection

Shark Teeth come in 36″ strips that are 1 1/2″ wide. There are three to a set, and the set includes three self-tapping screws per strip (nine total).  Each strip has four parting lines 6″ apart.  Each 6″ strip has four pre-punched holes. You can apply complete 36″ strips to feeder legs. Apply smaller pieces to Protein/Gravity Feeders heads or Control/Timer Boxes to create a barrier that repels just about anything!

Shark Teeth are a preventative measure, NOT a cure for raccoons, etc. Animals, like humans, have different pain tolerances. If an animal can handle being cut and bloodied, Shark Teeth will not keep it off your feeder 100% of the time.

Warning: Shark Teeth are sharp! Handle with care!


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