THE-ELIMINATOR 1/8″ spinner plate round

The-Eliminator Scatter plate is the solution to wind, raccoons, and squirrels wasting your expensive corn and protein feed.

This scatter plate fits a 1/8″ motor shaft.  When the motor spins, The-Eliminator drops down and throws feed.  When the feeding cycle is complete, the spring-loaded shaft returns the plate to the top position.  Mount The-Eliminator against your funnel or downspout for a tight seal. It excels as a spinner plate for truck, ATV, and UTV feeders because it is nearly immune to the bouncing and vibrations typical of this application.  Does The-Eliminator cost more than tradition spinners?  Yes, but with the ever-rising price of corn and protein, it could easily pay for itself in a few short months.

The-Eliminator Scatter Plate attaches to your 1/8″ shafted motor with a set screw. The top of the scatter plate needs to touch a downspout when at rest to seal the feed off from unwanted intruders or from windy conditions.

The diameter is 4 inches.


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