THE-ELIMINATOR Road Feeder Lower Unit – 1140TE

The-Eliminator Lower Unit for road feeders will save you money by preventing corn from vibrating out of your truck/tailgate feeder.

This simple-to-install lower unit bolts onto the bottom of your feeder hopper using the supplied mounting bolts.  To control it, we recommend using The-Remote (in conjunction with a 12 Volt battery) or a corded remote such as the Ultramatic Tailgate Remote (1190PC) that gets power from the accessory outlet plug on your vehicle.

The Eliminator Spinner Plate is held firmly shut when not in use.  When power is applied, the plate is pulled downward, allowing feed to flow.  When feeding is complete, the plate seals up to the funnel.

This unit is used by road feeder manufacturers all over Texas, and we know you’ll like it, too.


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