THE-HAMMER round top

“The Hammer” round top base unit

The Hammer Feeding System timed protein feeders come as a bolt-on module, including the flow controller, control box and timer.

12 volt battery required (not included) and solar panel highly recommended.

Tube top has 4 inch OD tube.

Its simple! “The Hammer” controls the gravity flow of feed into your feed tube.  You decide when and for how long the tube gets filled –  from one tube full a day to full free choice feeding or anywhere between.

Whether you’re setting up a new feeder or converting an existing one, just install “The Hammer” on your feeder, program your feeding times and start training your deer to feed on YOUR schedule.


  • ​Regulates your feed or attractant
  • Minimizes waste
  • Trains your deer
  • Saves money
  • ​Saves time


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