Woodsey Too GREY GHOST Tree Stand

The Woodsey Too Grey Ghost tree stand is the most reliable and safest tree stand on the market today.

The Grey Ghost features a 32in octagon base that is constructed out of steel and weights 35lbs with an expanded non slip platform. The adjusting arm allows the platform to be level, regardless of the angle of the tree. You can adjust anywhere from 90 degrees to 45 degrees. This system allows you to level the base quickly and easily. The Grey Ghost is designed with special grease inserts located at the top and bottom of the adjusting arm; these prevent the stand from making any noise. The seat has a male/female machined post with a nylon washer and a shot of unscented lithium grease which allows you to swivel 360 degrees. There are No Bearings and No metal to metal contact. The seat is also incorporated with a back brace for added safety, strength, and stability. Because of the special tightening system used to secure the safety chain around the tree you won’t have to worry about any slippage. Finally a stand that you can quietly swivel and shoot those deer that seem to always sneak in behind you. Our treestand is the perfect stand for every hunter, even the trophy size guys because our Grey Ghost has been scientifically tested to a 500lb weight capacity.

While safety is always at the top of our list, we take great pride in every product we produce and we have many satisfied customers standing behind us, or should we say sitting behind us!

  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable 90-45 degrees
  • 360 degree swivel seat with seat belt
  • Expanded non slip platform
  • Noise Free
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • Weighs only 35lbs.


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